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4 Good Reasons To Get Renters Insurance Coverage

Just under half of Bellevue, WA residents rent their homes, according to the latest Census statistics. Many of them understand their landlord owes them a safe place to rent. But what they don’t "owe" is protection against theft and unforeseeable accidents including fire and weather-related events.

Importance of Renters Coverage

We just gave you two good reasons for renters to purchase insurance to cover themselves and their belongings. And yet, only about 40% of renters buy this insurance.

Theft is, unfortunately, a fact of life. Some people will steal anything that isn’t nailed down. We’ve even heard of people whose bicycles are stolen off a bus bike rack!

By the way, this kind of theft would be insured through a renter’s policy.

Anyone who’s lived around here the past few years has witnessed crazy weather. While rain has historically dominated our weather, the past couple of years have featured tornadoes. The drying climate has increased fire danger. Renters insurance covers damages from these events and will pay for a hotel room and meals while your residence is restored.

Here are two more reasons renters should cover themselves with renter’s insurance:

  1. They cover losses even when you’re not home. This means you can get compensation for computers, jewelry, artwork, clothing, furniture, and whatever else you deem worthy of protection if they’re stolen or damaged, and you aren’t responsible.
  2.  Renter’s insurance is really affordable. Our customers here in Bellevue WA are amazed at how little it costs them to insure themselves and their belongings. A renter who is VIP insured pays a fraction of what the homeowner pays.

VIP Insured Is Here To Help

Life happens, and insurance can buffer the hit. If you rent in the Bellevue, WA area, contact VIP Insured for a free estimate.

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