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Motorcycle Upgrades That Could Affect Your Insurance Policy

You could make several upgrades to your motorcycle, which might require increasing your insurance coverage type and amount. When you’re ready to modify your motorcycle policy, contact one of our Bellevue, WA, agents.


Chrome body parts, tailpipes, and other motorcycle pieces can significantly enhance your motorcycle’s aesthetics and function, which can, in turn, increase its value. If you decide to add new chrome to your motorcycle, be sure to document the parts you purchase. This will help you determine the amount of additional coverage you need to add to your existing insurance policy.


New lights can enhance your motorcycle’s safety and increase its value. Once the new lights are installed, document the upgrades and seek additional coverage to protect the new materials.

Anti-Theft Devices

Investing in anti-theft devices can lower your liability risk. Once you have installed new anti-theft equipment, your motorcycle is less likely to be stolen or vandalized. GPS systems, alarms, and locks are among the anti-theft devices that could impact the insurance coverage type you need.

Mechanical Parts

New mechanical parts installed on your motorcycle can extend its lifespan, add value to your ride, and enhance your safety while riding. Document all mechanical parts installed by your mechanic.

Reach out to VIP Insured

Contact one of our VIP Insured agents to review your chosen upgrades. After the discussion, they can change your insurance policy to ensure it provides the proper coverage.

Experienced Motorcycle Riders Need Insurance Protection, Too!

Even if you’ve been riding motorcycles for years, you’re not exempt from the risk of accidents. Whether you ride in the city or on the highway, you need the protection that motorcycle insurance can provide! At VIP Insured in Bellevue, WA, we offer quality motorcycle coverage at affordable costs.   

Required Motorcycle Coverage

Like many states, Washington has minimum motorcycle insurance requirements. Riders are required to carry personal injury and property damage liability coverage. This coverage protects others in accidents you cause. If you’re liable for an accident that sends others to the hospital, liability insurance helps pay for their medical costs. Liability property coverage pays for repairs to their vehicle. If you’re sued for damages, liability insurance helps cover your legal costs.

Protection Against Financial Loss

Motorcycle insurance can also protect your assets by covering your injuries and damage to your bike in an accident. Through collision and comprehensive coverage, your bike is protected against theft, vandalism, fire, weather events and damage from accidents. Otherwise, you’d have to pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your bike on your own. 

Medical payment coverage helps pay for any injuries you sustain in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. If you’re hit by a driver with insufficient insurance to cover your damages, uninsured motorist coverage will help cover your injuries and motorcycle repair costs.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Motorcycle riding can be risky as you’re exposed to the elements and at peril of getting hit by other drivers. There’s also a greater chance of getting seriously hurt in the event of an accident. Motorcycle insurance doesn’t reduce those risks, but it does provide financial support to help you recuperate your losses. 

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To learn more about our motorcycle insurance policies and costs, contact VIP Insured in Bellevue, WA.

Why should people get motorcycle insurance?

Operating a motorcycle in the Bellevue, WA area can be a lot of fun and a good way to get around the community. Those that are looking to own one of these vehicles need to make sure they are safe and properly insured. There are various great reasons why someone here needs to get motorcycle coverage when operating and owning one of these assets.

Why Motorcycle Insurance?

Cover Motorcycle

A reason that many people in this part of Washington will need to have a motorcycle plan is so they can cover their motorcycle. When you purchase a motorcycle or any other type of vehicle or major asset, you will want to know that it is covered if you were to get in an accident or if it was stolen. When you get a motorcycle policy, comprehensive insurance will provide this important coverage. 

Limit Liability Risks

It is also a good idea to get a motorcycle plan to limit your liability risks. While riding a motorcycle is generally safe, there are situations when you could cause an accident. When this occurs, it will be your responsibility to cover any damage that is caused. As these can be significant, liability coverage will be helpful. Further, this type of insurance is required by state law if you want to use the motorcycle on a public road. 

Contact Us Today

As you are looking to buy a motorcycle in the Bellevue, WA area, you can quickly find that choosing a motorcycle insurance plan is important. When you are looking for coverage in the area, calling the team at VIP Insured is a great way to start the process. VIP Insured understands how important this insurance is. We offer the guidance you need to build a plan that provides the appropriate coverage. 

Should you always get motorcycle insurance in Washington?

The Bellevue, WA area can be a great place to own a motorcycle. During the warmer months of the year, the natural beauty in the area can lead to some amazing rides on the motorcycle. While owning and riding a motorcycle here can be a lot of fun, it is important to recognize it as a responsibility as well. One part of owning a motorcycle is getting the right insurance. There are various reasons you need this coverage. 

Protect Your Motorcycle

An important reason to invest in a motorcycle insurance plan is so you can protect your motorcycle. If you choose to purchase any type of vehicle, it will be an asset that you will want to enjoy as long as you can. A great way to ensure you can use it is by investing in a motorcycle insurance plan. With this coverage, you will be able to replace or repair it if there is an accident or incident of theft. 

Liability Risk Mitigation

Another reason someone will need motorcycle insurance is so they can reduce their liability risk. There is always a chance that a motorcycle owner in this state could cause an accident while operating it. If this occurs, you will need to cover the damages. If you have a proper motorcycle insurance plan in place, it will provide the support necessary to cover these costs.

Contact Us Today

Motorcycle ownership can be a good idea for people in the Bellevue, WA area. If you would like to purchase a motorcycle when you are here, it would be wise to call the team at VIP Insured. If you do call VIP Insured, they will offer any additional support needed to build an ideal plan. They will take a customized approach to ensure you get any coverage needed to keep you in compliance with requirements and properly cover your motorcycle. 

Do you always need motorcycle insurance in Washington?

In the Bellevue, WA area, the nice weather can make it a great place to own a motorcycle for most of the year. When you own one, you will have an efficient mode of transportation that is also fun to operate while enjoying the natural surroundings. As you are looking for a new motorcycle here, you should also get a motorcycle insurance plan. This coverage is typically needed for a few reasons. 

Lenders require coverage

The cost of a motorcycle can be significant, and some people may finance the purchase using a loan. If you take out a loan, your bank will want you to carry insurance until the loan is repaid. This will usually include requiring you to have a motorcycle insurance plan with collision and comprehensive coverage. This way, the asset will be protected if it is stolen or damaged in an accident. 

Coverage is a State Requirement

If you intend to use your motorcycle on a public road in Washington, you will also need to retain coverage to ensure that you can stay in compliance with state laws. Any motorcycle owner in Washington will have to carry liability insurance at all times. This coverage is helpful as it ensures you have support to pay for damages if you cause an accident. If you do not carry this insurance, you could face penalization.

Those that would like to get a motorcycle insurance plan here should speak with VIP Insured. The team with VIP Insured continues to help people all over the Bellevue, WA area with their insurance needs. They can help you assess your situation and give the guidance you need to choose a plan. This will help ensure that you stay in compliance with your insurance requirements and are properly protected. 

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