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Classic Car Insurance 

If you own a classic or antique vehicle, you probably drive it carefully and avoid unnecessary risks. You might also keep it in a locked garage when you're not on the road. Another effective way to protect a valuable vintage automobile is to sign up for classic car insurance.

State Law

The state of Washington expects most motorists to carry liability coverage regardless of the vehicle's age. It exempts certain horseless carriages from this requirement. Most classic and antique automobiles shouldn't only have basic liability protection. They need insurance that will provide specialized repairs and parts if an accident occurs.


A vehicle considered "classic" by one insurer may be treated like any other old car by a different company. To qualify for special coverage, an automobile often needs to meet certain age, value, and condition criteria. A muscle car or rare foreign luxury vehicle may not need to be as old as a more conventional sedan or pickup truck.


If your auto qualifies for classic car insurance, you'll receive several benefits that don't come with standard policies. Insurers frequently cover specialist services, such as towing and repairs for antique vehicles. They can also accept claims for rare replacement parts that you might not be able to easily find.

  • Expert bodywork
  • Specialized mechanics
  • Safe car transportation
  • Elusive parts

There's another important reason to select a classic car policy. It treats the value of your auto differently. While most cars do the opposite, the values of some antique vehicles increase as they age. However, this becomes less likely if you drive the auto daily; many insurers enforce yearly mileage limits.

Washington motorists can turn to VIP Insured for top-notch classic auto insurance. Our friendly agents help drivers understand all the benefits and find out if their vehicles qualify. We can provide a free quote after assessing your needs. 

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