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4 Key Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

VIP Insured serves the Bellevue, WA community. We help our clients find policies to help protect their assets and navigate risks. We are an independent agency. We are proud to work with several carriers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We believe that we can help you find a custom policy designed to protect your assets.

4 Key Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes you just need extra coverage. There are some situations when things happen that you are not prepared for. If you don’t have a safety net in place, everything that you’ve worked for could be in jeopardy. Umbrella insurance protects you in these situations. If you are involved in a serious liability situation regarding your home or auto insurance, umbrella insurance adds another layer of protection to prevent you from possibly losing everything due to impending legal action. Here are some ways that umbrella insurance benefits you.

You Have An Inexperienced Driver

Perhaps you are a parent and your teen has just received their permit. The first few years of driving can be bumpy for many adults. If your teen accidentally injures someone while driving or causes substantial property damage, you can rely on umbrella coverage.

You Have High Risk Accessories

Perhaps you have a trampoline or swimming pool at your Bellevue WA residence. While these are fun items to have, especially if you are throwing a party, they are also very dangerous. Someone can suffer a serious injury. These are common situations where umbrella insurance can protect you against possible legal action.

You Give Advice

If you give advice, you’re at risk of possible allegations regarding slander and defamation of character. Umbrella insurance covers you.

You Have Pets

If your pet is having a bad day and attacks someone, you’re at risk. Depending on the severity of the injury, umbrella insurance can prevent you from losing your assets.

VIP Insured Can Help You Find The Right Policy

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