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What does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

There is no widely accepted standard definition for a classic car, but it is standardly a car that increases in value over time and is considered a collectible item. Classic cars are used differently than other cars – you are unlikely to take your kid to football practice in a 1964 muscle car. As an antique or classic car owner, you drive carefully and avoid unnecessary risks.

As a result, classic car insurance is often cheaper than standard car insurance because it considers how the owner is likely to use the car, and careful driving is rewarded.

What does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Standard auto insurance provides coverage for liability, medical, and property. Washington state law requires liability coverage regardless of the vehicle’s age. However, there are other coverages you may also want to consider.

As a classic car owner, you know the struggle of finding matching parts for your car, and you want insurance that will provide specialized repairs if there is an accident.

Classic car insurance can include specialist services, such as towing and repairs for antique cars. There is also a claims process for rare parts that may otherwise be difficult to find.

Coverage can include:

  • Expert bodywork
  • Specialized mechanics
  • Safe care transportation
  • Hard-to-find parts

A classic car insurance policy treats the value of your auto differently – the value of many antique vehicles increases with the age of the automobile – and is a great way to maintain the value of your purchase.

Looking for Classic Car Coverage in Bellevue, WA?

VIP Insured can help you identify if your classic car qualifies based on various factors, including age, typical use, modifications, and more. If you are looking for expert insurance advice in the Bellevue, WA community, contact us at VIP Insured.

The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Their Renters Insurance

Renting a home comes with many responsibilities – from ensuring the rent is paid on time to keeping the property in good condition. And one of the most important responsibilities is to have adequate renters insurance. Unfortunately, many renters make some common mistakes when it comes to their insurance policies. Consult with VIP Insured in Bellevue, WA for expert insurance advice.

Here are some mistakes for you to avoid: 

1. Not Getting Enough Coverage

One of the most common mistakes people make is not getting enough coverage. Your renters insurance should cover your personal belongings and any liability risks you may face. Make sure to speak with your insurance agent to determine how much coverage you need.

2. Not Updating Your Policy Regularly

Your renters insurance policy is not a one-time purchase – it’s something you need to keep up with over time. As your life changes, so too should your policy. If you move to a new apartment, get married, or have a child, be sure to let your insurance agent know so they can adjust your coverage accordingly.

3. Not Reading the Fine Print

It’s important to read through your policy carefully so that you understand what is and isn’t covered. There may be some exclusions you’re unaware of, so it’s best to know before you file a claim.

4. Not Shopping Around

When it comes to insurance, it’s important to shop around and compare rates. Just because you’re happy with your current policy doesn’t mean you can’t find a better deal elsewhere. It’s worth taking the time to compare quotes from different insurers to make sure you’re getting the best possible rate.

5. Making Assumptions

Never assume that your policy covers something – always check with your policy documents or your insurance agent. For example, many people assume that their belongings are automatically covered if they’re stolen from their car. However, this isn’t always the case – in some instances, you may need to purchase additional coverage for items that are stolen from your vehicle.

Give Us A Call

Avoiding these mistakes ensures you’re getting the most out of your renters insurance policy. If you have any questions about your coverage, or if you’re ready to shop around for a new policy, VIP Insured in Bellevue, WA can help. Contact us today to get started.

What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?

Motorhomes are an affordable way to enjoy the countryside and explore new areas. The best insurance for you will cover any damages you may have incurred in your journeys, such as breaks, scrapes, and cuts. Comprehensive motorhome insurance covers everything from damage to your car to your pet to your next road trip. 

The majority of motor home insurance is designed to cover your vehicle’s running costs. However, coverage can also be provided for some unforeseen events that may have happened during the car company’s ownership. VIP Insured can aid with inquiries in Bellevue, WA. 

Motorhome Insurance: What It Covers

When determining whether your home is covered by motorhome insurance, look at the owner’s agreement. Motorhome insurance can be a great way to stay out of debt and protect your family against unforeseen costs such as unexpected expenses or an emergency. 

There are a number of benefits that come with owning a motorhome, such as parking for your friends and family, exploring the scenic countryside, or even just relaxing in the sun. If you have questions about how motorhome insurance works, don’t hesitate to contact a car insurance agent or lawyer, as the information they provide can be very helpful. 

Motorhome insurance covers some of the following: 

  • Tripods, Cameras, Flashlights, & Flashlights 
  • Not Included:  Electrical Damage, Fire, Wind, & Water

An excessive amount of maintenance and operations costs can lead to a large number of claims, and hence, insurance companies will want to pay for this as much as possible. 

Give Us A Call

The amount of your motor home insurance coverage will depend on a number of different factors, such as the type of motor home you own, the amount of infrastructure your motor home is built around, and the cost of upgrading your infrastructure to meet the needs of your motor home, and the availability of financing for your motor home. 

Motorhome insurance can be a great way to stay out of debt and protect your family against unforeseen costs. If you are looking for expert insurance advice in the greater Bellevue, WA community, reach out to us at VIP Insured.

Should you always get motorcycle insurance in Washington?

The Bellevue, WA area can be a great place to own a motorcycle. During the warmer months of the year, the natural beauty in the area can lead to some amazing rides on the motorcycle. While owning and riding a motorcycle here can be a lot of fun, it is important to recognize it as a responsibility as well. One part of owning a motorcycle is getting the right insurance. There are various reasons you need this coverage. 

Protect Your Motorcycle

An important reason to invest in a motorcycle insurance plan is so you can protect your motorcycle. If you choose to purchase any type of vehicle, it will be an asset that you will want to enjoy as long as you can. A great way to ensure you can use it is by investing in a motorcycle insurance plan. With this coverage, you will be able to replace or repair it if there is an accident or incident of theft. 

Liability Risk Mitigation

Another reason someone will need motorcycle insurance is so they can reduce their liability risk. There is always a chance that a motorcycle owner in this state could cause an accident while operating it. If this occurs, you will need to cover the damages. If you have a proper motorcycle insurance plan in place, it will provide the support necessary to cover these costs.

Contact Us Today

Motorcycle ownership can be a good idea for people in the Bellevue, WA area. If you would like to purchase a motorcycle when you are here, it would be wise to call the team at VIP Insured. If you do call VIP Insured, they will offer any additional support needed to build an ideal plan. They will take a customized approach to ensure you get any coverage needed to keep you in compliance with requirements and properly cover your motorcycle. 

Will RV Insurance Help You If You Live in the RV?

Living in an RV is a common option for many retired people or those looking for a lower-cost and mobile living environment. At VIP Insured, we can help Bellevue, WA residents like you understand how your RV insurance policy can protect you and what options are available for full-time RV owners.

What RV Insurance Covers

RV insurance is unique because it can work like vehicle and home policies. That’s because an RV can be used as a vehicle and has many of the same concerns that may affect a car, truck, or van. However, it is also a potential home and has many living amenities for people using it for camping.

For example, it can provide liability protection against injuries caused in a crash or by an RV’s malfunctioning. It may also protect you against lawsuits from people who get hurt inside your RV. But what about if you live inside the RV permanently? You may get some protection for that, too.

Full-Timer’s Insurance

If you live in your RV as a permanent home and have no other residence, you may purchase what insurance companies call a full-timer policy. This insurance coverage works like a homeowner’s policy and will give you all the protection you would get with that coverage.

This option is a wise choice for people who decide to make an RV their permanent home. You can even add to the policy as you would a normal homeowner’s policy. For instance, you can add extra liability protection or umbrella policies to protect yourself from serious risks.

Let Us Help You

At VIP Insured, our team of experts fully understand RV insurance and the different options available to you. By working with us, you can get the Bellevue, WA protection that makes the most sense for your needs.

Who Needs Condo Insurance in Bellevue, WA?

Homeowner’s insurance is a must for anyone who owns a home. But what if you live in a condo? Do you need to buy condo insurance? The short answer is: yes, whether it’s a condo, townhouse, duplex, and single-family house, you should always insure your home and belongings.

Who Needs Condo Insurance in Bellevue, WA?

Your Condo Association Fees Don’t Cover Your Home

There are many reasons to have condo insurance. For one, your condominium association’s insurance policy only covers the building itself and common areas. It does not protect your belongings or liability. So if there’s a fire in your condo unit, or if an injury to a guest in your home occurs, you will be responsible for the costs.

Condo Insurance Covers Your Possessions

Another enormous benefit of condo insurance is that it will cover your belongings if they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Your condo association’s policy will not cover your furniture, clothes, electronics, or any other items in your home. So if a pipe bursts in your unit and damages your possessions, your association’s policy will not reimburse you. You will need your own condo insurance policy to cover the cost of replacing your belongings.

A VIP Insured insurance agent can help you select the right coverage for your needs.

Your Mortgage Requires Condo Insurance

Most times, your mortgage lender will require you to have condo insurance. They want to make sure that their investment is protected in case of damage to the building or if someone gets injured while in your condo.

Liability Protection

Unless you have significant income to cover legal costs, you need liability insurance. If an injury occurs to a guest while in your home or damage someone else’s property, you could be sued. Condo insurance can help protect you from having to pay out of pocket for these costs.

If you’re a homeowner in Bellevue, WA, it’s vital to have condo insurance. Contact VIP Insured today to get a quote.

Protect your boat with a comprehensive policy

VIP Insured is here to help our friends and neighbors in the greater Bellevue, WA area with their insurance needs. If you are a boat owner who would like to know more about your insurance options, give us a call today.

Boat insurance options

When it comes to protecting your boat, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all available insurance options. It is, of course, worth the time and effort to thoroughly review the options and determine which is suitable for your needs. 

Many people focus on liability coverage when choosing their boat policy and don’t look too closely at other coverage. This can cause future problems if an incident should occur that requires different protection. 

With a comprehensive policy, you can rest assured that all manner of losses and damages will be covered. This is why it makes so much sense to take the time to sit down with a local agent. By discussing your needs and concerns, your agent can help you determine which type of policy makes the most sense and at which level. 

Now is a great time to review the boat insurance options available in our area. Enjoy your boat knowing that you have the protection you need!

Learn more about your boat insurance options today!

If you are a boat owner in the greater Bellevue, WA area, you can rely on VIP Insured for your insurance options. We help you find the policy that best meets your needs. Give us a call today and find out more!

Why basic auto insurance may not be the right choice

Auto insurance offers a variety of protection for drivers. Not all types of coverage are mandated, but all of them have benefits that should be considered when choosing the kind of coverage you have. If you have a car loan, you will be required to have more coverage than if you don’t have a loan. At VIP Insured in Bellevue, WA, we are independent insurance agents who represent a variety of carriers and are able to work with you to find coverage that protects you at a price you can afford. 

Basic coverage includes only one type of coverage, liability. This is the insurance that protects other people from you. It covers them for bodily injury and also for the damage to their vehicle. It can also be what protects you if they decide to sue you for pain and suffering. In Washington, that is 25/50/10. If you happen to have an accident where you are at fault and the vehicle is worth more than $10,000, you will be paying the difference out of your pocket. Never a good idea. 

If you are like most people, you use your vehicle every day. You drive to work, run errands, take the kids to activities. Being without a vehicle is not an option. But what if you are responsible for an accident or are a victim of a hit and run? You will have to pay to repair or replace your vehicle yourself. Most people will find that difficult. 

What if your vehicle was stolen? Without comprehensive coverage, you will just not have your vehicle. When you count on your vehicle, it is important to have more than basic insurance coverage. Consider adding collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Contact VIP Insured in Bellevue, WA  by phone or drop into our office for a no-obligation quote.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

For a lot of people in Bellevue, WA, having the right coverage makes all the difference in the world. Many people want to extend their protection, but they’d rather not buy multiple new insurance policies. If this thought process sounds familiar to you, consider umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance extends your existing coverage. At VIP Insured, we get a lot of questions about this type of coverage. If you’re curious about umbrella insurance, here’s what you need to know. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance? 

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that covers many scenarios. Sometimes, primary insurance policies — like homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance — don’t provide enough coverage. These instances are rare, but when they do happen, umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of protection. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

An umbrella policy covers the gaps between other insurance policies. For instance, if your auto insurance only covers a certain amount of damage, umbrella insurance can cover additional costs. An umbrella policy also protects you from some things that may be excluded from your other policies, especially when it comes to lawsuits. 

This type of insurance provides more comprehensive coverage than just one type of policy can provide. It’s also a good option for people who have complicated individual needs or a lot of assets to protect. 

Questions About Umbrella Insurance? 

Should you get umbrella insurance? How do you know if you have the right coverage? The world of insurance can be complex, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you have questions about umbrella insurance in Bellevue, WA, talk to us here at VIP Insured. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you make sure you have the coverage you need. 

A Look into Full Coverage Auto Insurance

There are a number of different safeguards that are in place when you have full coverage auto insurance. Aside from simply having peace of mind that your expenses will be covered if you’re involved in a collision, you will also have more freedom as you customize your coverage. You can also ensure that you are meeting your state’s minimum requirements for auto insurance. VIP Insured wants to ensure Bellevue, WA drivers are familiar with the different kinds of coverage available.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage will cover damages that don’t occur as a result of an accident. For instance, this type of coverage will cover events like fire, vandalism, and theft. It will pay some or all of the repair or replacement costs for your vehicle.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance coverage will cover damages that occur if you cause an accident. It may also kick in for other situations when your vehicle suffers damage and another vehicle is not involved. These situations may include when you hit a tree, fence, mailbox, or telephone pole.

Liability Coverage

There are two main forms of liability coverage: bodily injury and property damage. Bodily injury will cover the medical costs for someone who is injured if you are deemed at fault for a collision. Property damage covers damages to the other individual’s vehicle if you’re responsible for an accident.

As you can see, the difference between collision and liability is that collision will cover your personal vehicle, whereas liability will cover the vehicle of the other party involved.

Most states will have a minimum requirement for you to carry in terms of liability insurance, and you can check with one of our insurance agents at VIP Insured to ensure you are meeting these requirements. We can answer any questions you have about insurance in Bellevue, WA and get you set up with an auto insurance policy that meets your needs and budget. Contact us today.

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